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Sometimes you hit a home run....

2 months ago

Last weekend, we went to a 5 year old's birthday party. My DIL's niece's son, and he's got a 3-1/2 year old brother. What to get them????

After spending far too much time in the toy dept at Target, and consulting random mothers with small children, I settled on RC cars. The birthday boy got hot red off-road big wheels jeep (rated ages 6+), and the little brother got a smaller hot yellow Corvette (ages 4+). And Mommy got a package of batteries. I figured that guys just can't have too many cars, so even if these were duplicates of what they have at home, what the heck.

The kids ignored the other stuff and went crazy for the cars. Crazy, I tell you, just crazy. To heck with Legos and boring clothes.

I was quite pleased with myself!

Ever score a real home run with a gift?

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