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Kitchen tool replacement shopping or anything new?

2 months ago

Just when the kitchen tool drawer is full and nothing needed, something breaks x 3. My favorite ladle/scimmer broke in two. I've had it for 30 years. My second lime/lemon juicer is de-laminating like the first one--the enamel flaking off. Microwave just stopped working but i never used it but once a week or three. No real loss there. The same exact model, small footprint, is three times what i paid 10 yrs ago.

My vegetable/hand washing brushes need replacing but that is a quick cheap fix. My originals from LeeValley are probably 15 years old. I have two at every sink and go in the dishwasher. Before one goes in the dishwasher i use one to quickly scrub the sink with BarKeep. A bit of soap for any handwashing of bowls/dishes. Knives we hand wash.

Anywho, they have a lime/lemon juicer and a skimmer. And handles for the surgeon brushes. I highly recommend.

Canada and US. Free shipping at 40$.

I took some to work for pandemic hand washing. Nice they are still cheap--12.50 for a dozen. And have two wooden handle choices...

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