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I am always in awe when I see our dahlias poke through

rouge21_gw (CDN Z6a)
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I know this is old hat to so many of you but I am always astonished when I unexpectedly detect life in our dahlias. Just two this year, put in the cold cellar sometime in...late October. Up they come from the cellar the first or second week of March...depends how bored I am ;). A watched pot never boils and so I do my best to ignore them and then it is so cool to see that first such small sign of life. Nature is incredible.

Here they are today:

(Thanks for indulging me on this simple event)

(And yet I have two "Elephant Ears" that I'm sure are 'kaput' as they have been up in the light and heat for almost a month and nothing :( )

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