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Vent: Shrinkflation thru packaging.

2 months ago

Yeah, a vent. There is shrinkflation, or smaller packages at the same prices, but there is also wasteful packaging that wastes a lot of product. Think squeeze mustard bottles instead of jars that you could scoop out every morsel.

The latest that is bugging me is Kleenex. Yes, brand name. I buy the big boxes in packs of 10 at Costco. The big boxes that hold 200++ tissues. The last few boxes I've opened have all had the plastic liner -- you know, the top membrane that helps with the pop-up --- has been inadequate and stretches out, and the last 1" or so of tissues are inaccessible, or will not pop up. So I pull those out and place on top of the box, and wind up wasting half of them.

What other examples of product packaging design/cheapness are causing waste in your life?

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