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Ginger tea for osteo-arthritis?

2 months ago

I have osteo-arthritis in one knee. I'm seeing a pain clinic the end of April for pain relief options. Truth to tell, I'm nervous as heck. I took my friend in on Friday, she has another kind of pain, no cartilage in her knee, and he froze her knee and gave her 14 injections to burn the nerve endings. He said when the freezing wears off, she's going to hate him with a passion.

Hopefully I won't have that.

A friend of mine called on the weekend to catch up and she found that glucosamine has done wonders for her knee pain. I told her I've been taking gluc with chondroitin for a couple of months and it hasn't done a thing :-). I also took a turmeric supplement daily, and again, no difference.

I just read yesterday that ginger tea helps, so I put a chunk in a mug last night with a touch of honey.

Does anyone have any other ideas? Am I doing the ginger tea thing right? :-)

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