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OT: Tea

16 years ago

Hi friends,

In this morning's paper there was a small bit about tea and its health benefits. The articles said the health benefits in tea were amazing, ranging from catechins which appear to inhibit the growth of cancer cells to preventing the build-up of Alzheimer's linked plaque in the brain. But the article went on to say that the addition of milk to tea greatly decreased the benefits as it appears that the proteins in the milk interact iwth the tea and negate some of the benefits.

This got me to thinking... so many of us speak of having a cup of tea with our books. Do you drink tea? What kind of tea? Green? Black? Herbal? White? Hot or iced? With milk or sugar or both? How many cups a day?

Personally, my mantra is "coffee till lunch, tea till dinner" which usually results in three to five cups of coffee (with milk) and five or more cups of tea - all types of tea, the strong teas get sugar, the others I drink straight.


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