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storage in kitchen to compliment existing cabinets?

last year
last modified: last year

In our remodel we did not include a full kitchen renovation in the budget. Part of corner cabinets in kitchen were ripped out along one wall to open up the adjacent wall and now we have a large hole in the layout. Originally we were told we could re-use cabinets or find something to match. But in trying to order doors and then color match just this section (per our contractor) means they will be close but you will be able to tell the color/finish isn't exactly the same (I appreciate their honestly). So then we thought about just replacing all the doors/drawers, but that would still mean there's likely going to be color difference between cabinet box and doors, and our island would not match the new doors either. We want white cabinets and I don't want a contrasting island. SO! Is there any other creative storage idea that we can put in this spot that compliments the rest of the kitchen? Contractor suggested a wine fridge and open shelves up top, but we don't want a wine fridge. Is there some other design element we could put here that is still functional? UGH. There is another spot on the wall to right that has space, but I'm feeling like if that isn't 100% coordinated (like white shaker style), it might be okay.

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