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Please help with kitchen design for existing house.

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

Hello. We have put aside 60K. We plan to be in this house for the next 10-15 years. We didn't build this house, so please don't judge. We don't plan to move walls or change the area where the current kitchen is located. I believe we can add plumbing. Don't let the photoshopped kitchen pictures fool you -- cabinets are a bunch of junk. The kitchen would be great for a single cook, which my household is not.

I have a meeting with a GC tomorrow and just panicked because I can't find responses from when I posted a request for kitchen planning help a while ago. (the GW to Houzz move maybe?) Anyway, the first picture below is a rough drawing of the interior space. The others are of some conceptual ideas. We will not move walls, but can move the kitchen entry (currently 44 inches wide) way a few feet to the right or left of its current position.

We are a 3 50 y/o's cook kitchen and occasionally have our 2 adult children in the kitchen as well. We entertain casually a few times a month for 8-12. We like to have fun - wine, beer, fresh made pasta; home made pizzas; can and freeze a lot from our garden; roast our own coffee; make smoked meats, cheese, and veggies; love to experiment. Prep space is important, so we don't think we want any raised area on the island, but would entertain a butcher block incorporated near the prep sink. We like hanging around the island and also sit at the kitchen table. We have wine storage outside the kitchen. The area under the back yard window is occupied by a large dining room type console and on top is coffee and espresso makers and inside a lot of kitchen whatnots (food processor, vitamix, waffle maker, immersion blender, serving plates ...) We also have a lot of storage in the laundry room. The pantry serves our food storage needs 100%. We have a deep freeze in the basement - not convenient, but it serves its purpose.

Currently, the only sink is in an island, the frig and stacked ovens are on the covered porch wall, the cooktop is on the back hall wall, a beverage frig is in the 48 inch space along with some drawers. Wants -- large clean up and large prep sink in defined areas. 48 inch range, but 36 might be okay. Beverage frig. I am envisioning a stages 45 in the island and a large deep single bowl sink in the clean up sink. I am looking for layout advice and cabinetry configuration ideas. I am thinking a bluestar range, but am not opposed to a cooktop and a wall oven. Thank you very much in advance.

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