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Tile wall and floor gap - what would you do?

11 months ago
last modified: 11 months ago

What would you do to address the gap between the bottom row of tiles and the cove tiles?

Our architect designed the layout and ordered all of our floor and wall tiles. The top row of tiles matches the height of the window, which we like. The bottom row at the floor are cove supposed to be 4x4 cove tiles. However, there is a gap between the height of the cove and the last row of tiles. Our contractor said they'd just cut down the subway tiles to make a skinny row to fill in between the cove and last full row. I think this will look ridiculous. I haven't yet asked our architect what she will do. I wanted to gather ideas here first.

These are Daltile - 3 x 6 subway tiles, 4x4 cove tiles. They also make 6x6 cove tiles. One thought I had was to order 6x6 cove and cut them down to fit the space appropriately.

The cuts the installers are making are not entire smooth on the edges, which is disappointing. They are using a wet saw. So I'm hesitant for all of these cuts to be made, but here we are, they are close to the floor and I don't know that the edges will be noticible.

What would you do?

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