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This was considered a "luxury building" in 1974

2 months ago

This is still actually a desirable building to some extent , but from what I heard with construction costs and interest rates up, finish quality was reduced to the basic.

This unit appears to be all original, but I think there is VCT under the carpet. The building is shaped like a lopsided U, you end up with a v-shaped room in parts of the building.

This was probably never a highly desirable unit, kind of buried in the U and low enough to be behind the Academy. Trying to fit two bedrooms in here makes it poky. Of course since going condo, many of the units have been upgraded, combined and so forth.

One older designer I know who did work here in the 70s and 80s said it was difficult to do popular things like valances and those light bridges over furniture and so forth because if you hung it level and straight it looked crooked because the building is wonky.

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