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New house, same layout confusion

11 months ago

Some of you may remember lots of these furnishings. About a year ot two ago, you solved my layout problems in Minneapolis. We have just moved to Greenville, SC. (Not originally our plan, but our son moved here with our 3 little boys).

Again, I am doomed with a small living area connected to a dining/kitchen space.

I would be crying over the hopelessness of fitting any more seating in here, but I know you guys are genius. Can you please help me again?

I would really love to fit a glider/recliner chair in here.I have seen small ones - could that work? And would I also need a second chair? Do the two need to match, since it's such a small space?

Of course, I also have lots of artwork to hang and am looking forward to that part especially!

Thank you for any guidance anyone can give!!

Here's the whole floor plan, with measurements:

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