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Kitchen Layout Confusion - New Builder Home

moosical mama
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Hi Kitchen gurus

We finally have our new Builder home under construction and I have discussed the options earlier on the forum and appreciated the amazing input. Currently, engaged with a Kitchen Designer and working on a few options.

I am the primary cook but kids and DH are around in kitchen a lot while I am there for one thing or other, doing H/W, dishes, chit chat etc, so there are 2-3 ppl n kitchen all the time.

The Breakfast nook will be mostly used as a homework station for a few years to come.

I know venting on outside wall is always easier but the builder has setup vent from internal wall in similar builds, and that is not a big consideration. I would care more about the function for us.

I am still confused about a few details and would like advice on following options to finally decide and go ahead with one of them. Any Pros/ Cons I cannot see and advise is welcome.

Op1 - Stove on an internal Pantry wall, Fridge+ WO + MW on Sink wall

Op2 - Stove + WO on an internal Pantry wall, Fridge + MW on Sink wall

Op3 - Stove + WO on an internal Pantry wall, Fridge + MW on Sink wall, No Snack cabinets, Deeper Island with bigger overhang

Op4 - Stove on the outside venting wall, Fridge, Oven, MW on the internal wall

Overall floor plan -

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