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blogs on kitchen islands?

Chris H
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Can anyone point me to a great blog about kitchen islands? My DH and I are at a standstill as he wants one and I do not think one will work. He is not familiar with Houzz so probably doesn’t fully appreciate the pro advice (yet) or I’d send the myriad of discussions to him. I’d like to find an article on Houzz that discusses ideal kitchen set ups. Or another one by someone reputable, not just someone who wrote a blog (of that makes sense). I’m new here so I’m not finding what I’m looking for (or I just don’t know how to search properly yet). Not in my favor is that 3/3 of the kitchen folks who have seen our layout are in agreement with him that an island is the way to go. We do have the minimum plus a little space to accommodate it but I truly do not believe it is best in our set up. I’m not posting the kitchen here bc I’m really only looking for blog recommendations on this particular discussion post. I’ve received SO much helpful advice already on the layout. Thanks for any help, friends!

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