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Suggestions needed for the most awkward fireplace wall

2 months ago

I've never felt so defeated by a livingroom. It is such an awkward space.

The open doorways in the photo go to hallways where the bedrooms/bathrooms are. The door on the right of the fireplace wall is the main entryway to the house. The pony wall/spindles on the right side has electrical outlets and switches in it and the window on the left is recessed and deep enough to sit in. The 70's brick fireplace was painted the color "pumpkin patch" by the previous owner (the unpainted brick was tan with a lot of red & black in it and was not particularly attractive either).

You can't tell in the photo but the sellers laid the new laminate flooring down over cardboard and thin foam padding to "level" it, so it's started breaking apart at the joints and is a safety hazard that will have to be replaced. The ceiling beams are painted "mustang brown" and I think the walls are "campfire ash".

The wall behind the camera is all windows overlooking the patio/backyard and the dining table sits there with the entrances to the main bedroom and kitchen coming off opposite corners of that area so the space is the heart of the house and has a lot of traffic. We've been here 4 months and the room and everything in it is so awkward I'm just drawing a blank when I try to improve it. Any suggestions appreciated.

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