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Seeking feedback on a few vinyl plank floors

2 months ago

I am looking for wood look vinyl plank flooring for my family room. It's a split entry home with the family room below ground level (concrete floor). We have had 3 instances in 25 years of water getting into the room (under sliding door to patio) during extreme rain. I have since replaced the sliding glass door and am having patio drain & sump pump installed on the patio in a few weeks.

I have Homerwood Hard Maple Blush upstairs and on the stairs down to the family room. You don't see much of the hardwood because stairs have runners in the center but I'd like to pick a vinyl that's similar - the door and windows there are wood interiors and the color matches the maple floor. I've looked in a lot of stores but not finding much.

If anyone has any experience with any of these four (or anything else that might work) I'd love to hear your feedback.

I have a small sample of the Chattanooga Hickory from weshipfloors but have not been able to see any of the others in person yet.

Home Decorators Santa Fe maple (home depot)
Ivy Hill Tile Duren Maple (home depot)

SUPERCore Xtreme Chattanooga Hickory (weshipfloors)

Adura Apex Mokuzai Raw Timber Vinyl Plank Flooring APX131 (weshipfloors)

SUPERCore Xtreme Tennessee River Hickory (weshipfloors)

This is what I'm trying to somewhat coordinate with.