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backyard design ideas

2 months ago

Hi there!
I need help designing my backyard. At the moment it is just soil and weeds. It measures 65 x 38 feet. I’d like a covered area with a bbq and a table for six (already have a rectangular table), a seating area (would be nice to have a fire pit in the middle but I have small children), a Playset (the area for it would be about 19x20, including security perimeter), grass area for the kids to play, and a paved area where an elevated pool (8x6 feet) would go in the summer. Also I’d like to plant a lemon tree and another fruit tree but not sure which one yet. I have no idea of the area size I need for this.
There is a sloped area of about 3 feet wide at the feet of the back fence (see picture). Here I’d like to add a retaining wall with a few spot lights to light the ground. I really want privacy trees in the back so I’m debating having the wall against the fence vs. separated from the fence. The latter would allow me to plant the trees inside the retaining wall adding height to the trees but I worry that the roots would erode and damage the wall. So if I go this route, I’d like advice on what types of trees to plant. I attach pictures of this idea.
I’d love to hear and see some ideas!

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