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Need help with how to terminate backsplash near cabinet ends

Greg A
8 days ago
last modified: 8 days ago

Ive seen a couple topics on this before, and I am not interested in moving my junction box for several reasons. can someone please provide advice on what would look best for terminating the backsplash to be symmetrical and not look janky?

attaching 2 pics - first is of the area to the right of the doorway which will have casing around it but no door and the second is a picture showing the back wall with the stove that i want to terminate similarly (there are no wall cabinets on the wall whwre the range hood is though). thanks in advance!

for the wall with the range, my thought is to end the backsplash at the countertop edge.

for the wall under the microwave, i was planning on ending the backsplash to the right of the light switch plate. would that look weird though?

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