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The MOST EXPENSIVE rose I've EVER ordered: 'Five Yuan'!

8 days ago
last modified: 8 days ago

'Five Yuan': the most expensive rose I have ever ordered!!!.....because it has to travel all the way from the farthest point on the opposite side of the contiguous US at Rose Petals Nursery in FL to my front porch in Portland, OR, courtesy of Fed Ex Express. But, with that noted, I very gratefully thank Jeri Jennings @jerijen for introducing me to this rose on the forum and enabling me through her lovely photos and posts! I have been looking for a very, VERY special rose for a friend and neighbor who grew up in China. She just lost her son to cancer, and I want to give her a memorial that is lasting, beautiful, spiritual and wholistically connected to her life--a gift that will remind her of her wonderful son each time it blooms. I love the story behind 'Five Yuan', and I love the photos and description of this rose. I hope my friend pots it or plants it where I can peek over the fence and admire it. I have never seen this rose in person! Do any of you have a "most expensive rose I've ever ordered" story? Carol

HMF Five Yuan Rose

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