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Sierra Pacific vs. Marvin vs. Harvey windows for a mountain home in PA

3 months ago

Dear All,

We plan a new home construction in a wooden area/mountains in Pennsylvania (rough winters, etc.). It seems that our builder really prefers and recommends using the Sierra Pacific windows, or, alternatively, Harvey windows. Another builder totally loves Marvin. I would be very grateful if anyone please could share your thoughts on this (for this type of climate), and if you have a good experience with any specific line of any of these 3 brands could you please share (also, the reasons why you love your windows)? This is the 1st and most likely last time I ever build a home so I'd like to make sure I pick the best quality, even if more expensive as I would like to reduce any technical issues with these windows down the road and also, I am looking for a great energy efficiency to minimize the heating costs. Thank you all!

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