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I need advice for a kitchen sink (and I only have 6 days to get it!)

17 days ago

I'm looking for a sink which will be mounted under a Corian Quartz countertop in Indigo Swirl. I assumed i would get a stainless steel sink and left it to the last minute because how hard could it be to pick out a sink? Now, reading reviews on many brands of s/s sinks, i'm re-thinking this.

So I'm wondering about S/S alternatives - porcelain, quartz composite, solid surface, acrylic etc... Something low maintenance, stain + scratch resistant. Since I don't plan on replacing the sink for probably 20 years i'd like the material to be timeless and age well.

Also, based on the deep blue countertop, I think the only color option would be white. Would that look terrible? I'm afraid that I'll make an ugly mistake if left to my own devices. Any advice appreciated!! And if the best option is S/S, I'll suck it up and get it. Thanks very much!!

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