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Saybrook Gold Juniper

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago


I planted Saybrook Gold about 5 years ago and it's doing very well in extreme full sun harsh conditions in zone 7b.

The plants are on a slope in my front taking up half the width that I want planted.

The problems with the other half getting planted are numerous: Three trees that shade some of the area in the early parts of the day but most of the area further out from the trees gets what would be termed full sun. Of course the closer to the trees there is more shade.

I also live in a wonderful zoo which means I have a few heards of deer to deal with. Fencing is out, repellents don't work. This zoo of course severely limits what I can plant.

I'd like to plant Saybrook Gold on the rest of the slope to complete the project. I'm on the garden fence so to speak if I should throw caution to the wind and plant and hope for the best given it's sun rquirements.

I can live with altered color and less vigerous growth due to less sun that will probably happen with plants closer to the trees if they grow.


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