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Rooting Evelyn with orchid soil mix??

3 months ago

I am attempting to root cuttings sent to me from my Dallas Garden. Straw, I thought I would give it a shot it is usually somewhat easy to root cuttings in Texas if you do it in February. My Dallas Evelyn was bought in 2005 so it should be good stock. In the past I just stuck prepared cuttings in a shady spot in my rose garden and covered them with a plastic bottle (in February). My soil had been amended and improved annually for years and years, I could probably have grown rocks in it :))

The current problem is that I do not have a garden in this Austin lease house. So, I am trying it in pots. I read everywhere to use sandy soil like cactus potting soil or mulch and NOT to use regular potting mix - overwatering, root rot and fungus being the primary reason for failure.

I thought I might try using orchid potting soil. Has anyone tried this soil for cuttings? It seemed an improvement over mulch or cactus mix but that is just my guess.

I am not going over the complete process of cane prep etc we know that, and it is pretty standard. The soil in the pot is my concern and has me miffed.

Darn ole David Austin, if he would just stop discontinuing these warm-blooded roses that love the southern heat, I wouldn't have to deal with all this. Thanks folks. Cuttings are to arrive this week.


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