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ADU/MIL Rough Floorplan Ideas

last year
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First time posting on Houzz, and first-time homebuyer!

It's a 1970 fixer log cabin in rural Washington state, and we are using a renovation loan to help get it in shape. This post is about an attached 30x30 'Bonus Room' area of about 900-ish sq ft. We may detach it, to make an ADU, if the permits allow. We intend to use it for my elderly mother-in-law, and then later, another older relative.

We have hired a consultant to help with building requirements and permits, a general contractor, with electrician, plumber, roofer, etc. ready to go. We will also apparently, have an architect assigned to us at some point, but haven't met with him yet.

The area shares an electrical panel, water heater, forced air, and septic system with the main house, and has rough plumbing for a bath and kitchenette. It also shares a metal roof and is currently connected by a badly executed hallway. We may or may not keep it connected, an outdoor breezeway might take its place. The red wall in the photos is the original back door of the main log house.

It has 12 windows and four doors! (I deleted a back door and window) In addition, there 5 large skylights, all of which have to go because of leakage. The windows are all the same 46x46, but the intervals between them are all different.

Exterior will have full shed roof, new patio, and new french doors. Parcel is wooded acreage with river and incline on left and driveway on right.

The first sketch is my tentative layout idea, second sketch is how it's currently set up. Composite pics of interior, and drone shot to see placement.

Please ignore the VERY TRASHY shape the house is in! OBVIOUSLY, important repairs come first. (roof, framing, sheeting, insulation, flooring, sheetrock, plumbing, electrical) All underway, I promise.


We need some rough floorplan ideas to show the architect what we want. I would really like a few options to compare before then!


- Soo many windows! Aesthetically, is there enough room for interior walls between them?

- Mother requests two bedrooms if possible, one quite large, and wants them on the non-driveway side

- Original kitchen sink placement is awkward, if we put kitchenette there, bathroom access would be thru kitchen, yuck! I think moving sink plumbing is best. Or should we move bathroom plumbing?

- Woodstove is also awkward, too far from living area, but can't move it

- Front door is huge, but useful for large furniture

- Should I consider wheelchair/walker dimensions?

What do we think about this floorplan? Anyone have an alternate idea?

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