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Body Bags In at Walmart

7 months ago

They looked pretty good, nice and green. Very light to nonexistent wax coating. I bought Peace, and two Marc Chagalls. I spent a good bit of money on a Marc Chagall plant that has not done well. Hoping for better results from a Walmart body bag!! Well, some of my biggest plants were body bag roses. They also had Moonlight in Paris and Maurice Utrillo. I have a Maurice in the ground which has bloomed very well and grown well. Seems healthy. Moonlight in Paris also has good health. vigor and repeat. They had some old standards such as Heirloom, Cl. America, Broadway , Europeana. Oh, also Lavender Crush. I saw some bareroots at a big hardware store that looked thickly crusted with wax and they looked very grey.. actually they looked dead already.

I've got my body bag plants soaking right now and will plant tomorrow. Roots on one Marc Chagall were especially good. The other two a bit iffy but I think they could do ok. I save the wrappers and receipts in case they're misidentified.

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