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Apropos of (almost) nothing.

last month

On Sueb's < 3 months to the wedding thread there was a brief mention of nail polish a few days ago - and a color that I have worn often. Then on salonva's coffee thread were several tea drinkers sharing their preferred beverage doctoring. So where does my brain go? To my current favorite polish color of course - The Queen Takes Her Tea With Milk. BTW I'm loving the O&J polish and find it lasts a long time for me. Their top coat is to notch.

So....polish colors - I'm looking for some springtime pedi color inspiration. For my hands 98% of the time a sheer or pinky/beige creme neutral but I don't think they have to relate since my mani color is so subtle. On the rare occasions that I get a wild hair and pick something else I feel VERY conspicuous and change it out quickly. Pedis are a bit more adventurous but never red and when I opt for something quirky or adventurous I don't like it enough to repeat. It's too soon for for the summer bright pinks or corals - what's a good spring pedi color? Have any favorites?

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