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How much overhead light for a kitchen / dining room?

I'm working on my kitchen ceiling, and now's a great time to revisit lighting :-) The original is one of those 5' long shop lights that, while efficient, is super ugly and only worked about half the time. I can't think what they're called, but the bulbs look like this:

This level is open with the living room, dining room, and kitchen all sharing a space. I have a ceiling fan light in the living room that I plan to keep, and I'm hoping to replace the kitchen light and dining room chandelier (on a separate switch) with recessed lights.

The question is, how many recessed lights should I install?

The kitchen and dining room half of the floor is roughly 12' x 20'. The house is a split level and the ceilings have a peak; they're 8' at the walls, then rises to 14' in the center of the room:

The kitchen is in the bottom right of the pic (you can barely see a cabinet), the dining room and chandelier is in the middle of the pic, and the living room is to the bottom left of the pic (the orange wall separates the living room and dining room).

My plan was to put 4 recessed lights in the kitchen and then 2 in the dining room (on a dimmer). I'm of the belief that it's better to have too much than not enough, but my girlfriend thinks I'm going overboard and should only have 2 in the kitchen and 1 in the dining room.


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