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Exterior bedroom door opens to bedroom closet

Jennifer H
last month

We are thinking of remodeling our bedroom to add a bigger closet. One thing that takes up a lot of space in our room (in terms of clearance) is that we have an exterior door. People may find this weird, but we have a pool and a hot tub (hot tub is right outside master) so it's convenient to have the door so you don't have to track through the house in wet suits. (It's also a safety thing because we have to walk by our utility room to get to an exterior door otherwise. In the case of a furnace fire, this is our only exit for bedrooms.).
Without the door, we could easily extend our current closet by at least 5'. One thing that we've talked about is to have the exterior door open into the closet. We've also talked about changing how the door opens (out vs in) to maximize closet space. I was curious if anyone has done either of these and pros/cons that you've discovered.
We've also talked about switching our window to a sliding door and eliminating the current door altogether, but our bedroom tends to run cold in winter and hot in summer and I worry that that'd be even worse with a slider.

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