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Guest Bathroom Changes: Too much for a DIY Noob?

Odell Home
last year
last modified: last year

We have a dingy long kids/guest bathroom with no windows and a door that sections off the bath & toilet area from the dual sinks. The sink area is fine but the tub & toilet area is very claustrophobic and I want to open up the space a bit. We reached out to several contractors for whole bathroom reno and were quoted 15-20k to update the floors, countertop, remove the partition door & wall and replace the tub-shower combo with walk-in shower and cosmetic changes.
At this point, we cannot afford that expensive a project, so im planning to make some small DIY updates. Im no expert and have never done any major projects yet. Im thinking peel n stick tiles, framing the mirror, wall paint, fixture updates etc. Minor DIYs basically.
One of the things that i hate about this bathroom is how small and enclosed the bathtub n toilet area feels. To address that, here is what i was thinking
Option 1. Remove the door from the hinges, leave the frame as is and patch up the holes.
Option 2. Remove the door along with the frame. Remove the wall above the door frame and patch the drywall on both sides and ceiling. (the area highlighted in blue in the image) ::: This looks like a huge undertaking for a first time DIYer but im willing to give it a try. Im guessing if and where i get stuck, i can get a handyman to finish it perhaps(?).
Advices or suggestions?

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