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Best advice for a guest/kids bathroom light remodel

Jennifer Weinman
6 years ago

My husband and I own a home from 1904 that is a foursquare victorian (it's not a very ornate one) that has a fairly large bathroom by 1900 standards, but slightly cramped by today's. Lol! I don't have photos at the moment, but I'll post later. The bathroom has a 36 inch oak vanity with a single sink, a tri-fold mirror that's pretty shabby looking, some fugly lights, a tub with jets, and a hand shower for the tub. It does not have a stand-up shower at all, which is one thing we'd like to change and I'll get to that in a second....

When we bought the house 7 years ago, we knew eventually we'd do some work on this particular bathroom. There are two main issues that need to be resolved. The first is that current tile is cracking and loosening from the floor. It's just old and in bad shape, so we definitely at the bare minimum need to replace all the tile on the floor. The second issue is that this is the bathroom on the second floor of our house that will be used by our two sons (they are currently 4 and 1) and our guests. We have a master bathroom elsewhere, and we also have a shower on the first floor, but it is in a bizarre location that leaves guests or are soon to be rambunctious boys trudging downstairs and through our dining room. Joy of old houses, lol!

We'd like to make this shower/bath into a true stand-up shower so our guests and boys don't have to worry about spraying water everywhere. We have no idea what something like that would cost, though. All of the walls are plaster in the bathroom. We do not plan on changing the footprint/layout of any of the fixtures of the bathroom, but with how the plumbing is to the current bathtub, we would need to build up a wall for the plumbing to the showerhead since there isn't one there. This will make more sense when I post a photo. I'd like to also update the vanity, mirror, and lights, though this isn't quite as essential for us.

Anyways - I mostly am looking for advice in terms of planning for a remodel for a guest/kids bath. For instance, I know that someday we will have lots of dirty feet running around and I'm thinking white grout and tile is a bad idea for us. But maybe not? I'm also wanting things that will be durable and stand the test of time and make sense for kids/guests. I'm particularly unsure about what kind of vanity/mirror design would be best for this. It will have to stay the same size (36") since there is no room for anything more.

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