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Help Me With Mantle Decor

Nicole Goldstin
2 months ago

Not the cleanest of photos since my kids climbing bar & play couch are ever-present, BUT still hoping this helps me to get some advice. What in the world do I do with my mantle?! I absolutely hate it! My husbands uncle offered to install a piece of wood for our mantle but was obviously in over his head. It's angled back so it's not straight and he installed some random wood under it because there was huge gaps and he didn't want to fill it. I can live with it... IF I can decorate it but with the cut-out arch it just feels confusing to me. I know the mirror angling up isn't the best but with the wood trim it won't lay flush against the wall. I don't HAVE to keep the mirror there but I do like the idea. Should I paint them semi circle? Paint the walls on either side? Paint the tile? Sticker the tile? I just have no idea. Help!

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