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Fisher & Paykel induction auto shut off?

2 months ago

Hello all, I just bought a 36” induction range from Fisher & Paykel. I was trying to make stock the other day and had a large pot on simmer on the middle hob (level 5) and it shut itself off after about 3-4 hours (not sure exactly when, I walked away for awhile and came back to find it off).

I turned it off and on again and it shut itself down after 2 hours.

Just had a tech out to look at it and he advised this is a safety feature, which a call to customer service confirmed. Its not in the manual or product description so wanted to provide this info to other potential buyers.

I’m also trying to decide whether to return this thing and go with a different brand. Is this a standard ”feature” on all induction ranges? Its my first experience with induction and am having a hard time accepting that you cannot make stock, stews, long braises, etc. without constantly checking for a random shut off.

Any insight appreciated. Thanks.