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How should I customize this standard layout?

Kareem Saber
last year


Below is the layout of a house I purchased in a gated community. All houses have the same layout, but I can customize it before it's built.

I am fairly confident I will remove the walls I outlined in red.

I wont have a maid, so I need to figure out how I'm going to repurpose the maid room. The 2 things I see that I need are more storage space and a laundry room; this room could be used for both, but I was hoping someone could see another area for a washer and dry instead because I had another idea I like.

I could turn WC3 and the dressing room into a large bathroom, use the maid room and WC4 as a large dressing room, and push the door to the master bedroom further out.

The last idea i thought of was to put an island in the kitchen with a sink and create a door drom the kitchen to the maids room and use it as a pantry, but I don't know if I would have enough space for all kitchen appliances/cabinets. I could use half the room for that and the other half for something else keeping the door on the other side.

Thoughts on my different ideas? Different suggestions?

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