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The lights keep going out in my seven month old house

2 months ago

It is under warranty. The electrician keeps coming out but they can't recreate the problem so they say there is no problem. It happens randomly and without warning. Tonight it went out because of an electric heater or maybe because the washing machine and heater are on at the same time. When the electrician comes he turns everything going and can't get the breakers to trip so they say nothing is wrong. My realtor thinks that there's too much on one circuit. Of course, it's always my fault according to the builder. The first time the electrician came out they said my TV sucked too much energy. They forgot their lie and the next time said my TV was too old. Unfortunately, I had a handyman, move a light switch and now they're saying it nullifies my warranty even though the problem has gone on since I moved in. I never had this problem in the house I owned for 25 years. The latest electrician they sent said it's because of new regulations. Seriously. Then wouldn't everyone's lights go out all the time? What should I do?

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