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Fabricator sealer error stained my marble?

k voy
last month

About a week ago, our fabricator installed our marble and a 1/2" dark shadow stain has appeared in a few places where white adhesive/sealer was used in the crack between the wall or the cabinets. There is no staining where clear silicone was used. I am not happy my brand new marble was stained on install but also have no idea what is rational to ask of the installer... what would you do?

I trusted the fabricator/installer to know which sealer and adhesive to use as they are the experts, having been in business many years and came recommended. The staining appears on a 2' section where the counter meets the wall, and again around the backsplash behind the stove where the stone meets the cabinets. This was a 2 slab, ~15k job.

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