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Adding supplemental lighting for houseplants

It has taken me a long time to realize my house is not ideal for houseplants! My front and back windows are large, but my front window is facing northeast and my back window is facing southwest. So the front window gets no sun (bushes block out the minimal sunlight) and the back window gets strong sun in the afternoon---but only until my very large trees leaf out in the spring!

I've come to the conclusion that even though my back window gets sun, it just isn't enough for sun loving plants and too much sun for plants needing bright light only. I have now put up a temporary sheer on the sun window to block the hot sun.

I want my plants to look better and healthy and want to add supplemental lighting!

My husband purchased this floor lamp for me to add supplemental lighting for my plants. The "arms" move left and right, not up and down. They only hold 5w LED lights. Is this enough?

I would love to hear suggestions on how to add lighting to my plants---so they will be happy---and so will I!

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