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What daylilies do you have coming this Spring?

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I've tried to behave myself, but once again I have failed. So far I think I have five coming in May. I have the following coming:

FRINGED SWEETHEART: adding it to my breeding effots for teeth and a variety of other fringe looks. Being in the north, I like working with Klehm's intros.

FOUR BEASTS IN ONE: plans to tinker with patterned throats. I am behind most with working on the patterns, but I have some plants to tinker with that I don't see others working with.

TROUBLE IN PARADISE: I just like it.

RING NEBULA: The only diploid coming far. If you have been following my posts over the years, I love the white midrib on pink daylilies. Now I will have a purple with a white midrib with multi rings of color in the throat. I have some plans with several plants that I grow.

COSMIC SHINER: I love the color of this one. I have seen it in person in a garden in PA and fell in love with it then.

I would love to know what others are adding to their collection.


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