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My secret BUGG WEAPON...

Rebecca (zone 4)
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I have found a way to totally eliminate all rose insect enemies on my roses. Granted, I do not deal with RRD and rose midge (I had some rose midge brought in on a potted rose years ago but eliminated it with a blue mosquito light called DYNATRAP DT-1775). BUT, I did have cutter bees, rose slugs in the zillions, just as many aphids and thrips. Also, the worst was my 20 year old arborvitaes had developed SCALE which ended up destroying over 300 trees in our town in a year... BUT, not my arborvitae.

When I discovered the scale I decided to take action. I called my tree trimmer and he said that they can spray, but it won't be very effective. He also said that sometimes the birds would eat them.

BINGO! I went on Amazon and purchased my incredible BUGG eliminator (my word, not the name of the item itself.) and here is what I bought...

This is a chicken waterer, but the birds love it!!! I purchased this on Amazon, filled it, and within days the sparrows started coming. It was amazing. I could see them fluttering in the Arborvitae chowing down on all the scale in the trees. They came to drink and ate all the scale. What I didn't realize until later was that I no longer had any aphids on the roses!! I used to hang out with a hose, squish and rinse... and then the slugs... UGH, I HATED THEM. GONE. I did not have a single leaf that was damaged this year by anything. I did see the sparrows fluttering around in the roses as well. they never damaged a single bud...Just ate all the bugs!

The reason I purchased this intstead of a bird bath is convenience. Birds climb in a bath and then they poop. That means, rinse the entire bath out daily. yuck. This allows for drinking room, and that's it.

I decided to post this now instead of this summer, because I'll be busy out enjoying my beautiful roses instead of trying to eliminate all of the BUGGS!!


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