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Kitchen cabinet issues following remodel

K Merritt
last month

Hello, I am seeking advice from anyone who has dealt with kitchen remodels, either as a professional or a customer.

Two months ago, we completed a very expensive, complete kitchen remodel. We had new cabinets and a large island built. We have discovered multiple issues along the way, ranging from drawer handles and pieces of wood falling off, to unevenly cut drawer pulls, poorly aligned cabinets, etc. The contractors have returned multiple times to address issues as they come up.

Our concern is that as time passes, and we get further away from the completion of this project, we will discover more significant issues. We are wondering if it would make sense (or even be possible?) to have an independent contractor come over and do a complete inspection of the cabinets, in order to identify ALL of the issues now- rather than waiting for more things to break. It also makes us nervous that we’ve had to be the ones to find the issues, as we are certainly not experts and are probably missing things.

Really appreciate any guidance on this, it has become an enormous point of stress for us.

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