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Seek button cookie recipe that tastes/looks good

last month
last modified: last month

Hi, does anyone know a foolproof recipe/strategy for button cookies that taste good, and looks more like buttons rather than a circumference that becomes cracked upon pressing bottle-cap into the center?

I'm attaching pics of my ughy ones for which I had used the recipe on the below YT video though I substituted brown sugar instead of white sugar. My brown-sugar buttons came out rather dry and unappetizing. I did add some extra TBs of flour after mixing the recipe, as I felt otherwise the dough would be too sticky to be able to handle easily. Also I baked them for 12 min. because they seemed still raw prior to 12 min.

I'm thinking to try this next:

Though it's ridiculously unclear to me quite what she did with the "shot-glass". And I couldn't find a video demo to correspond with her recipe. That would have helped.

Anyway, here's the recipe I used, posted on the below YT video, though I only used the video-recipe, not the shape. (I don't have a shot glass as in the smartschoolhouse site. Rather, I used a sawed pill-bottle and a soda-cap. It proved to be too difficult. I spent too many hours to achieve 40 cookies.)

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