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I guess I'll "find" it some day

This time of year mice are looking to come inside. I always have a set trap placed under a cabinet in the pantry (with a dab of year-old cheese as bait and they keep falling for it) and catch a few over a period of weeks. Well, my indoor cat Pretty thinks it's her duty sometimes to reach waaaay back under the cabinet and bring out trap and all and display it in the middle of the room. She plays with it awhile to show me her prize.

So this morning I think I should really check the trap since it's been awhile. Trap is gone. It's not in the middle of the room. I decide Pretty has batted it under another cabinet or the stove or the fridge. Now I'm not one to get down on the floor since it's difficult for me to get back up, but with a flashlight I got down and searched under everything in the room - no trap. Then I go room by room looking under furniture - far. Only the bedroom left, I keep my door open at night and Pretty may have thought to bring it to me in there. You'd thought I would have heard her batting that trap down the hallway tho. Altho the mouse could have dragged the trap and him/herself somewhere but I don't see holes big enough to get a trap down.

Anyway, I guess I'll find it eventually. What a nice thing to have in your house as the holiday approaches - aroma d'mouse. Pardon my French.

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  • nicole___
    last month

    Pretty sounds entertaining! ❤️

    My cat Ivan screams every time he wakes up, then runs around looking for me. At 3am, it's still cute.....but not everyone would think so.

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  • matthias_lang
    last month

    Oh, no, that is one thing I would not want lost in my house!

    On my desk I have a list of lost items. I lose quite a few. I don't understand why they don't turn up again.

    schoolhouse_gwagain thanked matthias_lang
  • roxanna
    last month

    Lost items? Why, yes! Forty years ago, I purchased tickets to the concert series 'Adventures In Music" , which were given at our local grade school. One particular concert was missed by us as I could not find the set of tickets. Never have found them to this day -- it has become a family joke-on-Mum that gets run up the flagpole quite often (especially as I get older.... le sigh). Someday, they will turn up, ah-hah!

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  • crazybrunette64
    last month

    Hopefully she doesn't bring it to you in bed in the middle of the night!

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  • schoolhouse_gwagain
    Original Author
    last month

    I actually hope the poor mouse is dead and doesn't have a leg or worse stuck in the trap. Just can't imagine it dragging itself around. :( I suppose it would eventually die of shock. I'll check the bedroom to be sure.

  • yeonassky
    last month
    last modified: last month

    Losing things? Yes today I was 20 minutes late for work as I lost my dog walking bag which has all my clients keys in it. Well I didn't really lose it I had to move it so DH could bring in the tree and didn't put it back and forgot I had moved it. It w

    I'm glad to say that I have not lost a mouse trap in the house with an attendant mouse in it. That would be most unpleasant. I hope you find it without fanfare. It sounds like Pretty is very helpful but perhaps a little misguided on the gift giving. That is not a gift that you can even regift. :-)

    schoolhouse_gwagain thanked yeonassky
  • morz8 - Washington Coast
    last month

    I hope it was your cat that has hidden it, and not something bigger than a mouse was partially trapped and has carried it off ;) Be sure to let us know.

    Different train of thought but I hate looking for something lost or misplaced. We lost the ice cream when cleaning up after Thanksgiving dessert. My SIL had reached for my sisters french door fridge, placed it inside the left door. Which is not a freezer compartment like her sub zero in her own home.

    For the last 10 years, I've kept the flat flexible long shop vac attachment that will reach under and behind my clothes dryer (vented into the floor so I can't easily move the dryer to clean) in the utility closet in the laundry room. Its gone. I'm sure DH has loaned it to someone and forgotten doing that. He insists he didn't, but its not here, not anywhere I could think to look. I gave up and ordered new so whoever has it should return it any day ;)

    I can't find my lint brush of decades. Long off white handle, it's not a palm sized piece. I now have two coming from Amazon. One for the laundry room and one for my bathroom vanity. I can't blame DH for that one, it had to have been me who misplaced it.

    schoolhouse_gwagain thanked morz8 - Washington Coast
  • cyn427 (z. 7, N. VA)
    last month

    Yikes. You will need to keep us posted you know. It could be you don't find him fo a while which is a bit unnerving. We did find one once in a trp that had ended up behind the refrigerator. He was just dried up and we never smelled a thing. Neither did the dog, apparently. Good luck in solving your mystery.

    schoolhouse_gwagain thanked cyn427 (z. 7, N. VA)
  • Bluebell66
    last month

    Well that is weird! Keep an eye on kitty - maybe she'll lead you to it. Just last week I lost a package of proscuitto that I had purchased at Costco for a salad I was making on Saturday. I finally thought to tear my car apart and found it under the back seat. It had fallen under when I loaded my Costco purchases into the car and I didn't realize it when I got home. After five days under the back seat in our cold climate, I was still able to use the proscuitto. I'm just glad I found it now and not next in several months.

    schoolhouse_gwagain thanked Bluebell66
  • jane__ny
    last month

    Glasses, constantly! I use distance glasses and constantly take them off when reading and doing things which I need to look at something close-by. I take them off when I look at something and can't remember where I put them. This at least 10 times a day.

    I wish they make something where I can locate them with my phone like an air tag. I sometimes find them in a flower pot, shelf, all sorts of weird places.

    schoolhouse_gwagain thanked jane__ny
  • schoolhouse_gwagain
    Original Author
    last month

    I laid down on the bedroom floor last night and shined a flashlight under all the furniture in there and didn't see the trap. I looked under furniture in the library too. A mouse can squeeze in and through most any opening but not with a trap attached. I just can't imagine where it went. On another note, I sure found a lot of dirt I didn't know existed.

    The only thing left to do is move cabinets and cupboards out from the walls, but that would mean unloading all the contents of each before doing so. ugh.

  • schoolhouse_gwagain
    Original Author
    last month

    Still no luck on finding the trap (no, I didn't move furniture). I did go to the store and buy two more traps, tho.

    But.....get this. I'm getting ready to heat a bowl of soup in the microwave. I have one of those plastic dome-like covers to put over bowls or plates when you put it in the microwave. There a large one for a plate and a small one for a bowl, perfect. I go to reach in the cupboard for the small cover - NOT THERE.

    I am a creature of habit and always put it in the same place every single time. Nada. I start taking the baskets of kitchen linens out one by one to look behind them - no cover. I look on a different shelf - no cover. I look in places I think it may have fallen while I was doing dishes - no cover. Looked in the pantry cupboard, why I don't ever put in there. Did I throw it in the trash can by mistake? Why???? Too bad cause the trash bag is out in the garage.

    In the words of Elmer Fudd (not our Elmer, the toon), "Something screwy is going on around here".

  • maifleur03
    last month

    Odd things happen. When it does reappear, it will either be in some really odd place or in plain sight. Now if I could only locate the four cans of catfood that always seem to go missing the third week of every month. Never the seafood always the poultry.

  • joyfulguy
    last month
    last modified: last month

    Sometimes when people of a certain age (younger than I) complain about losing things, or forgetting some matters, I may say, "I got some bad news for ya - it gets worse!"


    (forgot to hit "space"

    ... so "joyful" ... disappeared)

    (What was that about "forgetting"?)

  • schoolhouse_gwagain
    Original Author
    last month


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