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Pet owners….what are your thoughts about this?

It is said that animals are a good judge of human character, some acutely so. Over many years of pet ownership (cats, dogs, birds), I have found it to be quite true. I’ll bet that you all have stories to tell.

We have a charming cat, Paco, who adopted us over 13 years ago. He is the cat featured in my story. We are having a lot of work done in the house in the past couple of months which has necessitated several workers coming to the house, making a fair amount of noise, coming and going freely.

Paco has always had the personality of an extrovert; loves the activity, wants to help, needs to check tools and equipment, and is pretty much in the center of activity. Unusual, I know, for a cat. Until today, he has been in his true and typical form with all of these workmen. Until today.

The fellow came in the morning to work in a downstairs bathroom, a reserved and soft spoken man, neat and clean, a real pro. Paco approached him with anticipation…..which suddenly morphed into a hissing, back arched scaredy cat and he took refuge in his ”private quarters” (a cat condo) until the guy left to bring in some gear. Paco then tracked his footsteps with his nose, and hissed again.

He bolted upstairs and hasn’t been seen since. 🪓 ☠️ 😵 I am now referring to this guy as our ax murderer tile man. It gives me pause, I tell you.

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