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Opinion wanted-KA Mixer

2 months ago

I am going to buy a KA stand mixer and am undecided on which model. I am looking at the Artisan and the Pro 5. I can get them for the same price and have looked at a U-tube on the differences and am still not sure. I have the room in a countertop appliance cubby/garage, so lifting or size is not an issue. I also have room under the cabinets to use either. The Artisan is 325 watts and the Pro is 500. Both have 5 qt S.S. bowls and the same beaters, etc.

My main concerns/questions are:

1.) Is the Artisan going to be able to do a double batch of cookies, etc. ? (I will not be using for bread.)

2.) Is the Pro going to be able to do small batches?

3.) Is the bowl lift more awkward to use then the tilt head?

4.) Is it going to be a pain to drag the Pro out of the cabinet?

Any other thoughts/opinions on this would be appreciated.


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