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68 The Bridle Path Toronto, Canada - so sad

2 months ago

I enjoy looking at beautiful, grand homes, whether in person or online and came across this magnificent estate. Built in 1988, it's located outside of Toronto, Canada at 68 The Bridle Path. Approximately 28,000 square feet, 10 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, indoor pool which can be covered to turn it into a ballroom, 7 fireplaces, elevator and a safe room/bomb shelter. Apparently listed around 2018 for $35 million including all the antique furnishings.

Here's a drone view of the exterior and beautiful gardens:

And here's a quick tour of the interior by the owner at the time in 2018:

I don't know any history for the last 4 years, who currently owns the property nor the why's of it but sadly the house was demolished 2 months ago. Urban explorer Ethan did a complete video of the interior - every single room. This young fellow is different than most of the YouTube urban explorers. Although he doesn't always get details right, he admires the beauty of homes and their details. (Plus, he doesn't swear and doesn't vandalize anything.) Here's his video of the complete interior.

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