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US seed sowers, pls advise

last year

Most of my seed orders are here so what better than to hear from other seed sowers (the growing from seed forum is dead). Specifically, a few native US seeds I have. Some, such as hedysarum boreale and several grasses (schizacrium, muehlenbergia, oryzopsis, panicums and eragrostis) are already in my greenhouse but others are still sitting in the (spendy) packets.

Now I usually sow seeds I have collected from all over the place...and because they cost me nothing and I have lots, I am quite fearless where and when I sow these. With costly seeds I can only get from buying in...O dear, I am suddenly all flustered and anxious. So, sitting in packets - ruellia simplex, talinum calycinum, penstemon grandiflora (have already sown several sp.from my own collected seed which are tinily germinating in greenhouse) callirhoe (but we have discussed this one) delphinium nudicaule, stylophorum (stratifying in damp vermiculite). I think there are some others but they are outside and I am still in my slippers and nightie.


The winter sowing forum has not woken up yet, either, but some of mine need a bit of warmth before the wintery stuff so sowing in January and later is not totally appropriate.

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