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need care advise for my new hoya types

10 years ago

ok so all i have to say is... WOW! a few people offered to send me cuttings of their hoyas, and i got a bizzilion more than i ever expected... the only problem now is that i dont know that much about each kind and info online seems kind of lacking, so i figured that i would post on here and see if i can get some info for all the different kinds i recieved. preferably how much sun they like, how wet or dry they like it and if they prefer to climb or if they can be in a hanging basket (even if while in a hanging basket they might climb and wrap around the hanger)... ok so here we go...

H. cv. iris marie

h. lacunosa

h. lacunosa 'ruby sue'

h. wayetii

h. fungii

h. publicalyx (1 unknown and 1 all green)

h. pubicalyx (pink silver, red buttons and black dragon)

h. cagayanensis

h. rotundiflora

h. memoria

h. ds-70 (unknown)

h. ds-70 green

h. ds-70 purple

h. polyneura

h. bella

h. cumingiana

h. obscura

h. micrantha

h. cv. minibelle

h. sipitangensis

h. myrmecopa

h. cv. mathilda

h. diptera

h. pallida

h. merrillii

h. nummularioides

h. australis ssp. brookfield

h. aldrichii

h. heushkeliama 'yellow'

h. pentaphlabia

h. subcalva

h. macrophylla 'varegata'

h. acuta 'varegata'

h. oreogena IML-1073

h. fitchii

sorry if the spelling is off on any of them, i copied them down from the tags attached to the cuttings... would you believe it if i told you that all of that was from only 3 people!!! only one of those people told me what they were planning on sending, the other two kept it a surprise and i must tell you that i was damn surprised then i opened up my packages with all that inside!!!

any help and info anyone can give me would be very helpful, expecially if they have to be on a trellis or if they could be in a basket.

thank you!!!

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