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Recommendation for Nathan’s no fail pie crust recipe

2 months ago

i have made this recipe before and liked it well enough. So yesterday, I went to make butter tarts. I only wanted half the recipe and I was in a mood to be fussy so I weighed oit all the ingreddients divided by half including the egg. I then added the half egg and the 1 tsp. of vienegar to a cup and filled it with water. Mixed it all up after cutting in the lard and only then realized that I had forgotten to divide the water in half. So, I didnt know what to do and was going to start over. But instead, i made up another batch without the extra water and threw it together in the stand mixer to combine. I was just scrambling to save it. Anyway, as you may have guessed by now, or I wouldnt be telling you, it turned out great. Maybe not as flaky, but very tender and nice. And it rolled out loke a dream. I love a good butter crust, but this sold me for the reliability of it. Sometimes my other pastry efforts have been sad.

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