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Lining fabric pots to keep soil from drying out?

2 months ago

The last couple of years I've been growing peppers in 5-gallon fabric pots, with mixed results. The good is that I can move them into the greenhouse when the weather gets cold and bring them back out again in the spring. They bear at least as well the second year as the first. The bad is that the pots are not waterproof, so in hot weather the outermost inch or two of soil dries out quickly. I believe that limits the roots to a smaller volume of soil and hurts the plants.

I investigated 5-gallon plastic pots, but they cost $5 to $7 each. As an alternative I'm considering lining the interior sides (not bottoms) of the fabric pots with an impermeable material, such as polyethylene sheeting.

I wonder what other gardeners think of this idea -- especially those who have tried anything similar.

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