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What should I do with the tree planted closed to my house

Jack wang
2 months ago

Three months ago, community developer planted a tree in the public area near my new house (this is a new community). The tree trunk is 6.5 feet away from the foundation and 5 feet away from the window well. The drip line is about 3.5 feet away from the foundation and 2 feet away from the window well. Currently, the tree is about 15 feet high.

I did some research, the planted tree is called Zelkova serrata. It's listed as major tree on county's Department of Transportation website. It can grow up to 50-60 feet wide and 50-60 feet high. I worry about the branches and roots of full grown tree would damage my house. I contacted developer about my concerns. They told me that the landscaping plan was reviewed and approved by the county and the county would inspect the landscaping at the end, so they can't do anything about it. Then I contacted the county's Department of Permitting Service and they sent an inspector to investigate the issue. The inspector told me that personally he admit this tree is too close to my house. However, the landscaping plan was reviewed and approved by county and there is nothing wrong with developer. He also said there is no county code regarding how close the tree can be planted to the construction. He suggested to work with HOA to resolve the potential concerns going forward.

We are not informed about any tree plan when we purchased the house. Now we have to worry about the potential damage caused by this tree and we may even have to spend extra money to protect our house from the damages .

Could I get some advices about this situation? Thanks.

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