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Water is pooling in ventilator fan due to condensation

S Langedijk
last year

Above our bathroom is an attic where the ventilation pipe travels to a hole in the top of the roof. The ventilator sits horizontally in the attic between the hole in the bathroom ceiling and the hole in the roof. The attic is not insulated so in the colder months it is cold there which means the ventilation pipes are cold and perfect for the moist air in the bathroom to condense while having a shower and then eventually pool at the bottom point, which is the fan, and create a lot of noise and perhaps safety issues as the fan blades continuously hit and pickup the pooled water. The distance of the ventilation system is not very long, perhaps only 9ft (2.5m). I planned to insulate the space between the ceiling and attic floor as well as insulate the ventilation pipes, but I don’t think this will be enough to prevent the issue. The ventilator is similar, if not the same, as this one…

Any help to fix this issue is greatly appreciated.


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