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Drainage Disaster on New Build

Cindy Everett
3 months ago

Hi, we built a new house with a detached garage and breezeway. We had to switch builders at the midway point. Unfortunately for us not before he moved our detached garage 10 feet towards the house due to a presumed issue with side access to the garage and the property line.

HOA doesn't allow front access.

Closing in the spaces has created a sinkhole. The house is a ranch and all the water from the long roof plus the garage roof all converge in this spot. Our architect recommended a catch basin underground and run the pipe out back. Our builder/ grading person didn't pick up on the "underground" part of the discussion so now we have an open drain with standing water and mud surrounding. The area is sinking in way below where it was installed. Does anyone have any ideas for this mess? Any advice is much appreciated! We originally thought to concrete it in but the breezeway landing is a little lower than the garage porch. so when the concrete was poured the builder did this as a solution:

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